Pinto Bean Protein

Love pinto beans?  So do I. Few know that pinto beans are extremely close to being a complete protein source.  Fewer, know that they’re a fantastic source of B vitamins and minerals. Is Pinto Bean Protein Complete? Strictly speaking it isn’t a complete protein source.  However, it’s so close to being complete that you probably … Read more

Protein in Peanuts

So you know that peanuts have some protein in them. Now you want to know about the quality and just how much protein is there in a peanut.  That’s what this article aims to show you.  Read on! Is Peanut Protein Complete? Nearly. Peanut protein is painfully close to being complete.  The one essential amino … Read more

Protein in Tilapia


Tilapia has a flavor that, even if you dislike the taste of fish in general, most people find enjoyable.  The protein is also complete and has a density that is really attractive.  Each gram of protein will cost you a mere 4.89 Calories. Tilapia is also an excellent source of selenium and B vitamins.  Let’s dive … Read more

Protein in Potatoes the Facts

Potato Protein

I’ve been getting questions around whether potatoes contain protein and how much.  Every living thing contains protein.  The question is how much and is it quality protein.  Quality protein from a human’s perspective is general focused on the essential and semi-essential amino acids. Let look at both questions and get a feel for what is … Read more

Quinoa Health Benefits


Quinoa is a fantastic source of carbohydrates and minerals.  In addition it’s a great source of some B vitamins. Quinoa is pronounced kee-noh-ah.  Don’t say kwin-noh-ah or keen-wah.  Read Are you pronouncing quinoa like a snob? if you’re still confused. On to the nutrition!   Quinoa Protein Quality The protein in quinoa is complete.  That is … Read more