Turkey Protein

Turkey Protein Meal

I happened to be at a store called Lunds the other day and noticed that they sell rotisserie turkey breast meat.  Too often we think of turkey as a meat to be served on holidays such as thanksgiving.  Given the attractive protein density and better than average essential amino acid profile turkey breast meat should … Read more

Cod Protein


The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, reportedly eats massive amounts of cod.  As you’ll see, it isn’t a bad choice. Is Cod Protein Complete? Absolutely.  All the branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) are well above the threshold values and lysine is particularly abundant. Protein Density of Cod The protein density, relative to calories, is spectacular.  It actually … Read more

Protein in Oatmeal


Oats are often overlooked as a source of protein.  The protein density isn’t too terrible (think better than rice).  It also supplies a nice dose of minerals.  Just beware of the sugar loaded instant brands. Is Oatmeal Protein Complete? Oatmeal isn’t a complete protein source.  That shouldn’t really be a surprise.  Interestingly it’s both the … Read more

Buckwheat Protein


Buckwheat isn’t a grain and has nothing to do with wheat.  It’s actually more like a nut than anything but the nuts look grain-like.  It’s useful if you’re trying to avoid grains for a particular reason. The seeds can be consumed as is after boiled or soaked in water.  Also, buckwheat noodles can be purchased … Read more